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Actress Vinitha arrested on complaint by Vijay

Vijay Kumar is popularly known for playing roles of Shirdi Sai Baba, and Jesus Christ is into headlines by complaining of his daughter to police against Vanitha his daughter.

Vijay Kumar for the second time filed a police complaint on her for renting out his property in Perumbur in Chennai. She hired the house for the shooting of a movie. Though the shooting was winded up she did not vacate and had it over to her father, rather, she started claiming that the property belongs to her. On this issue, Vijay Kumar had to take the help of police and filed a complaint. Vanitha and Vijay Kumar are not in good books with each other, and the complaint by Vijay Kumar even deteriorated the situation. Cops based on the complaint vacated the house and handed it over to Vijay in September last year. Again complaint is lodged by Vijay on Vanitha made cops to arrest her. Presently she is in police custody.  

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