Bigg Boss Telugu Vote (Online Voting Polls) Season 2, Eviction Details

How You Can Do Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Star Maa Season 2 Voting Missed Call Almost Instantly
How You Can Do Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Star Maa Season 2 Voting Missed Call Almost Instantly

Hi friends, Thanks for landing on this page. I know you are here to vote your favorite contestant. And you probably don’t have any idea how you can vote your favorite Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 contestant Online. We will share complete detail information on How to voting your favorite contest with Missed Call almost instantly and also Online Voting System So let’s begin.

The Indian TV Show Bigg Boss is widely appreciated and it has gained popularity in almost all languages. It got the same response from the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 and now Bigg Boss Season 2. Where Season 1 was hosted by Junior NTR and season 2 is now hosted by Natural Star Nani. The first Season was aired on 17th July 2017 and went off the air on 24th September 2017.  And now finally Bigg boss season 2 Telugu has started on 10th June 2018.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Details:

The Bigg boss season Telugu 2 is already a hit and getting a good response from the audience. The show host is replaced by Nani and the show is being telecasted on Star Maa (star maa is a private channel of  Star India Private Limited).  The show is telecasted daily at 9:30 PM IST from Monday to Friday and 9:00 PM IST on Saturday – Sunday. The show will run 100 Days and the show will have total Bigg boss Telugu season 2 Contestants List

Essential Rules For Participants Of Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Contestants

  1. All the 16 contestants will enter the first day. Once they enter the Bigg Boss house they cannot leave at any cost. Until they get eliminated from the Show.
  2. Every Week One contestant will get evicted, whoever was nominated that week. This will be decided on the weekend show based on the audience poll.
  3. If any contestant violates the rule during the show, they will get punished from the Bigg Boss which can be severe or funny.
  4. The contestants will be given a weekly task which should be performed by everyone involved. The result will decide their Luxury Budget for that week.
  5. The contestants have no access to Mobile, Television, Media or Newspaper. Even they cannot sleep during daytime in the show. Otherwise, Alarm will ring in the Bigg Boss House.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season Participants Complete List

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Voting Online Complete Procedure

We will share the complete procedure here how to vote Bigg boss Telugu contestant online, Please follow the below steps

  1. The Most important first step is the person who is voting for his favorite contestant must be 18 years old.
  2. First, log in with your Google Gmail id and open and Search for “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or “Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Voting“.
  3. You will see the list of contestants who are in the danger zone for that week.
  4. You can click on your favorite contestant name and cast your vote. You will find the adjacent bar showing the voting bar of each participant.
  5. You can vote a maximum 50 Votes per voting cycle. But Daily limit is 10 per day to save your favorite contestant. Click on the “Continue” button to Vote.
  6. The voting period is from Monday – Friday only after the show ends. Any votes which are received after this voting cycle will be considered an invalid vote.

bigg boss telugu vote

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Vote By Missed Call. Method Explained in Detail.

Here we are going to share the detail about the contestant number, which you have to give miss call and your vote will be considered.

Below is the complete list of Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu of the nominated contestants.

For Online Voting you can log in with your Gmail

Conditions to vote for Missed Call Vote

  • Your mobile number should be an Indian Phone Number
  • Your phone number should have a legitimate registration with that particular service provider.
  • The missed call vote can be given with landline and mobile number.
  • To know your vote was cast, you will receive an SMS after you cast your vote to your favorite contestant.
  • These are the steps you must follow to vote your favorite contestant.

Elimination Procedure in Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu 

Here comes the last stage of the contestant if he enters the  Elimination round. After the voting lines are closed. The contestant who ever gets the least votes will exit the Bigg Boss house. These voting results will be announced on Every Sunday by our host Nani. The remaining participants will continue in the big boss house as usual with the following nomination for the next week. This procedure continues until the final week. And the winner will be announced at the Finale.

Elaborating the Voting Mechanism In Detail

The decision of the Star India Private Channel will be the final. They have every right to change the voting mechanism at any moment. The voting procedure will be explained by the host in every episode. How you vote your favorite contestant. By following this article now we are sure you have got a good idea. How to cast your vote to your favorite contestant. If you have decided to cast your vote in advance your favorite contestant (who are not shortlisted for that week). Your vote will become invalid.

The main purpose of this voting procedure is to save the shortlisted candidates from eviction. They will stay in the show by the decision of Viewers who cast their valuable vote. For this Star India Private Channel does not offer any special rewards for their voters. This is purely dependant on the voter whether to save his contestant or not.

So that was the complete information we gathered only for our viewers. Vote your favorite contestant now which will decide the fate who are playing Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu game. Now you have all the information at your fingertips. Vote your favorite contestant and save them from Eviction.

Star Maa Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants Evicted List

  • Sanjana Anne
  • Bhanu Shree
  • Babu Gogineni
  • Nandini Rai
  • Kireeti
  • Tejaswi
  • Pooja Ramachandran
  • Deepthi Sunaina

NOTE: The Table format of Missed call numbers will be updated every week. so stay tuned to keep visiting and keep supporting. Share this article with your friends on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or your Whatsapp Group.

How You Can (Do) Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online : Star Maa Season 2 Voting Missed Call Almost Instantly
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How You Can (Do) Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online : Star Maa Season 2 Voting Missed Call Almost Instantly
In this article you will find complete information about how you can vote your favorite contestant of bigg boss telugu season 2 online and star maa season 2 Voting with Missed call that too almost instantly. Hurry cast your vote now and save them from eviction.

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