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Country guy here jus lookin to chat

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2 Bill Simmons: What's happening? Let's get going Andy Minneapolis : Have you noticed how all the NFL studio shows are letting the analysts do the highlights instead of the hosts? This drives me crazy, especially when I am trying to follow my fantasy players.

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That's their best shot. Sometimes I want to call in just to throw him a bone for two minutes I always feel like he's going to assume nobody is nere and just start saying crazy things into the camera like, "Guess what I did today? He does this every year.

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Too bad all you "Celtic Faithful" were always so down on the poor guy. The one on the Patriots was absolutely tremendous.

Still haven't figured out how the Pats will be able to handle LDT. Ethan Seattle : How taxing is this weekend going to be? It also appears a lot like a hook-up app.

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He couldn't have been an angry police sergeant in an Eddie Murphy movie or something? I'm not sure if Shane ever tried a step drop. I thought the Raiders D was good last year. Drew New York : Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong -- both break up with their girlfriends and both are seen working out together with their shirts off, constantly.

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Could your 6-year-old black Muslim alter ego, Abdul Jabaal Simmons, start at point guard for the ''07 Boston Celtics? First of all, the 'about me' section is pretty straightforward, except there is one interesting section in there Originally published 29 January Don't get your hopes up -- there's ius percent chance I'm going to be bad at this. At the very least, he's the best defensive college center since Mutombo. You're looking atNE fans there on Sunday easy.

Like I'm doing it ius in secret. My whole thing with a change like that -- who was sitting around in the NFL offices saying, "You senoir chat what we need to do? Bill Simmons: Our biggest issue right now should be blackmailing Nash into becoming a U. I like Jim Paxson's work gy the Bulls even though I didn't agree with his moves last summer.

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And it's stayed right there, which means nobody else knows, either. And why is it that the person is always a pretty young girl, and why aren't there any of those where I live? Like BRO's mission statement puts it, a place, "for men that are interested in chaf other men… as simple as that". Webber was due 20 million this year and tp million next year -- they bought him out and saved 5 million, which he can easily make back with another team.

Pete Boston : I am taking a poop right now. Keith Cleveland : Why is it that every season of "Real World" has a brainard new york chat room alcoholic?

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Chta feel very confident about this. And he had a better rookie season. I know you're four hours or so away, but what the heck is going on with SD sports radio pleading with Chargers fans to not sell their tix to Pats fans? Tony Paducah, Ky. Padraig Rochester, Minn.

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Nate Philadelphia : Bill, when you saw the opening 4. But that team was cooked coming out of the gate.

It's crazy. Bill Simmons: That's my biggest problem with this whole thing, as well as the reason I wrote the McGwire column. Bill Simmons: Spend money on a real coach. Ted Dallas : Roger Goodell calls you and says you are in charge of the halftime show. Throw in Kobe and another star or two and we're good. For me, this is supposed to be a safe space for men to meet up and gguy meaningful relationships. I just assume that most of these guys were taking something in the '90s and this decade so if we blackball McGwire, does this mean we're blackballing everyone from that era?

If this app is the thing that someone needs to open up about themselves, then great. Then, there were a few articles, like one in Queerty, which made the app into a place for straight men looking for other straight men to get oral sex in secret.

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I don't get it. Bill Simmons: It's one of the all-time great weekends. Brent Akron, Ohio : I was pumped for 24 starting Sunday.