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‘Deadpool 2’ Telugu Movie Trailer

deadpool thearitical teaser release in telugu
deadpool thearitical teaser release in telugu

InternetDesk: The Deadly Hollywood film ‘Deadpool’, released in 2016. ‘Deadfall 2’ is a sequel to the film. Directed by David Lich. Actor Ryan Reynold will be seen as Deadpool. The 20th Century Fox will release the film worldwide. This film is also brought forward to the audience in Telugu.

The hero of the movie, Nani, was released on Wednesday. ‘Deadpool 2’ is very happy to release the Telugu trailer. Telugu dubbing sounds are very funny. The film is going to be released on May 18th, “tweeted.

This trailer was created with exciting action episodes. Telugu dialogues are very funny. Hero Rana Dubbing tells villain Thanos in ‘Avengers Infinity’. The film was released on April 27 and was a huge success. The highest grossing film in India is the Hollywood film. Deadpool is saying that he is not dabbing in the film.

It’s also ‘Sleeping but Sensor’. ‘I’m the lucky lady ..’ I do not believe .. ” I do not believe ‘,’ no more rambola ‘,’ super heroine .. joker dressed comedy pesavi .. you kruradivi ra .. yaddi got dressed on the ground. ‘Do not sneeze yourself unnecessarily .. sir sir is missing’ sessions are fun

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I’m inspired by the Civilles Topper .. Interesting tweets By RGV

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