Five common Causes That Lead to Pain at the Vagina

Five Surprising Common Causes of Vaginal Pain

Vaginal pain can cause severe discomfort to women. At least one of the patients who approach me every day comes with a complaint of pain in the organs of women. Before we learn about vaginal pain, let us consider the structure of the reproductive organs of the original woman. Usually when we talk about women’s sexual organs, we use the word ‘voi’ to refer to all the parts between the two legs. But the vagina is actually a canal-like structure between the wolves and the uterus.

There are many different parts of the wolver. The vagina, the inner and outer lips (lobia), the female cave (clitoris), the urinary hole and the perennial (part of the lower part of the vagina and the anus). Now we’re going to tell you about 5 simple reasons that lead to vaginal pain.

Below are the Five common Causes That Lead to Pain at the Vagina

1. Vesinalitis:

Five Surprising Common Causes of Vaginal Pain

Pain in the vagina due to yeast or bacteria is called vigenitis. It causes itching, leaks and inflammation.

2. Dryness in the vagina:


When this condition occurs, the vagina becomes dry. It is not only in postmenopausal women. In young women, pregnant pills can be used to treat chiropractor, antidepressants, use of antihistamines, certain types of asthma medications can result in stress and allergies in women’s health (which can not be used) or frequent contact with their partner. The vaginal dryness can also be caused by infections arising in the bartolis glands. These texts are located at the 4 and 6 o’clock positions within the vagina. Since they release the lubricant during sex, this gland is very essential. Sometimes these are incompatible, infection can occur, completely eliminate or dutifully perform the functions. When no natural lubrication is produced, the vagina becomes dry. By reviewing your medical history, your doctor may find this problem.

3. Post-Menopause Vaginal Atrapy (PAV):

యోనిలో పొడిదనం

In women who reach the PAV Menopause, estrogen production does not result in swelling in the walls of the vagina, making the vagina fine, dry and painful. Doctors and pelvic tests can confirm this. Estrogen is provided as part of treatment. Vaginal lubricants and moisturizers also help solve the problem.

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4. Vesninismus:

పోస్ట్ మెనోపాసల్ వెజైనల్ అట్రాఫి (PAV)

When this problem occurs, suddenly the vaginal muscles become stiff and painful. It is also known as the Pelwic Floor Tension Mayalgia. In this situation, romance becomes painful in women. Doctors diagnose this problem into the vagina during the pelvic exams. Exercises related to the pelvis, by dilodos and counseling, are treated for this problem.

5. Ulvodenia:


This chronic pain can not cause infection, cancer, or skin disease. Unfortunately, the reason for this is not yet known. Women are generally said to be burning in wolves. This may happen because wearing tight jeans. There are no tests to confirm this. Once all the tests of Wulva have been tested, they are diagnosed with Ulvodinea. As part of treatment, Anti Caesar board, surface pain relievers and antidepressants are recommended. Ullar Vestibulitis, at the mouth of the vagina, can also be described as a type of ulvodine. This makes the sex more painful. When used as a tampoon, pain is caused. The doctors will be diagnosed with cervical inspection and in which part of the body will be diagnosed. Since vaginal pain is a serious problem, you should immediately consult a doctor without showing fatigue. You do not need to diagnose and treat yourself. If you do not want to consult your doctor, you will create a risk for yourself. So keep your yoga healthy. You’ll be happy.

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