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Kangana Ranaut on Sri Reddy Strip Protest


Kangana Ranaut on Sri Reddy Strip Protest: Kangana Ranaut expressed her Opinion On Sri Reddy Strip Protest.As the Telugu Film Chamber called Sri Reddy Strip protest against Harassment as Publicity Stunt.When Kangana Ranaut was asked about this incident, She told that this type of approach may derail the topic, Everyone has an Idea Of protesting in a different manner, But this type of Protest may make an issue, It’s not a better way to deal with, As the industry consists of a vast number of artists who are  pretty sensitive. This type of protest can generalize them and it is shameful.

She also said that protest is Like a Gimmick, Focus on Protest Not your self.For More updates Please do Subscribe upcomingtollywoodmovies.com.Have a Nic Day-UTM TEAM.