Kannada beauty trained for a bad habit to fit in the role

It’s a common phenomenon for true artists to raise up to the expectation, whether it be a horse riding, swimming, consuming alcohol etc. Now adding feather into caps, heroine Nabha Natesh a beauty from Kanada film industry is getting truly involved in the role for her upcoming flick.

Nabha Natesh starred in a couple of movies titled Nannu Dochukunduvate and Adhugo learned to smoke beedis, which was the required for her ongoing project. Natesh also stated that she is ready to take up any challenging task in Telugu and raise up to the expectations by living in the role given to her. She also learned horse riding recently for her movie in Kannada and expressed her satisfaction for playing such roles. She said that the director suggested for an alternative which she didn’t accept. Ravi Teja will be starring for her next project under the direction of VI Anand.

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