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Mohan Babu – Worshipped God for TRS victory









Senior artist Mohan Babu stated that he worshipped in Venkateshwara Swamy in Film Nagar with a plea to ensure that KCR should once again come to power. He further said that God blessed KCR. TRS is back into power with a thumping majority. Mohan Babu congratulated on his tweeter KCR and his party. Citizens of the state have given KCR a sweeping majority and KCR deserves it. Mohan Babu said that this support should go a long way. 

Kamal Hassan also tweeted on the results held in five states assembly stating peoples verdict is clear that they are keen in expecting a new change. This result is the first symptom of change which must be accepted as the judgment of people. Bandla Ganesh who said during elections campaigning that he would cut his throat if TRS comes to power also congratulated TRS for coming back to power. 

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