Nani Gets Shocked After Seeing This Trailer

nani comments on mehbooba movie and trailer

Nani Gets Shocked After Seeing This Trailer: 

A dynamic director was once called Puri Jagannath. Stardom continued for a long time. But now the Puri films are not present, but now there is no Hungama. The reason for this is to make a series of films in a single stereotype. But Mehbooba is saying that Puri is a newly released movie.

Aakash Puri is the hero of the movie and the film is in promos highlight. Already a renowned trailer has impressed viewers. As part of the promotion, Nani has released a video explaining the film. ‘Shakaiya soon after seeing the trailer. Technically Brilliant. Doubt came when it was all done. The curiosity of the film is going to grow at any time. The film was released to Puri, Akash, Charmi and Wish You All the Best. The film is going to be released in the backdrop of Indo Pak.

Can you feel sorry: Kona
I saw Mehbooba’s film now. No … no … I felt so. Mehbooba is a great love story made by Puri. Congratulations to the filmmaking he tweeted.

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