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NTR Biopic makers warned by Nadendla Bhaskar Rao?

According to information from Film Nagar sources regarding NTR biopic upcoming movie, Nadendla Bhaskar Rao warned makers of movie not to project him as a villain, NB Rao said that he has great respect to NTR and has nothing against movie makers, but if at all anything is shown in negative shades about him will not be tolerated.

Nadendla Manohar -son of Nadendla Bhaskar Rao has already issued notices suspecting something fishy in the movie. Nadendla Bhaskar Rao said let the makers not take risk of exposing me as a villain. Nadendla Bhaskar Rao advised TDP party not to take rivalry against BJP. There must be a good understanding between State and Center run governments, TDP and BJP.

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