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Paresh Rawal – Modi role – None can play better than me

Our readers are aware of the making of ‘PM Narendra Modi’ movie, in this movie Vivek Oberoi is playing the title role. On Monday first look of the movie was released, Paresh Rawal actor commented on this and said he can do better acting of Narendra Modi than Suresh Oberoi.

Paresh Rawal said that none can do better acting of Narendra Modi than himself, our country is a democratic country. Everyone has the freedom to express their views, that is the reason Vivek is shortlisted for this role. I congratulate Vivek for getting a chance to play this role.

After the movie starts, everyone has the liberty to do and play as they want, after its shortlisted, nothing can be done about it. Shortly even we may also do this movie. In fact, last year June itself we announced in the making of Modi’s Biopic but due to some reasons, it did not materialize. 

The shooting of ‘PM Narendra Modi’ will start from 15th of January 2019. 

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