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Samantha says Chaitanya is tough in that matter

Samantha will always be active in social media, she will be in constant touch with her fans and will expose her opinions openly through social media. She has made social media as a platform to keep in touch with everyone.

Samantha stated that through social media, she will know what and how people will be thinking on issues. She says that there are plus and minus in social media, also some headaches.

Samantha already faced some problems with respect to the presence in social media, but she feels that there is an option to ignore people who are not liked. She uses this option to keep; unlike minded; people away,

Samantha says Naga Chaitanya is very strict with respect to getting into social media, he keeps himself away and also instructs me not to post anything related to him. Chaitanya had laid set of rules which are habituated to me now. 

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