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Sri Reddy Targets So Far| Will This Allegations End With Nani

Sri Reddy Targets So Far

Natural Star Nani who is Busy in Bigg Boss 2 program which is aired on Star Maa Telugu is continuously defamed by Casting Couch Sensation Sri Reddy. Sri Reddy who has targeted Telugu Film Industry and Film Chambers members on Casting Couch had made her attention overall India.

Sri Reddy also targeted Pawan Kalyan when She was making news about Casting Couch, she had Used Offensive words on Pawan Kalyan Mother. She also Not left director like Shekar Kammala through him in a shower of unbelievable  Statements. Sri Reddy also Made statements on Rana Daggubati and his brother Abhi Ram Daggubati.

Now this time Sri Reddy Counters Natural Star Nani, Although she didn’t provide enough proof on Nani continuously countered Nani. Responding to the Allegation made by Sri Reddy Natural Star Nani Said that passing inappropriate characterization on him and defaming my Image hurt me badly, He took Twitter as the medium to Express his words. 

He also Said that he had initiated legal action under defamation Suit. Nani also gave power blow to media, We all have families, Have you Shame to make this news publicized without knowing the truth.

Here We are showing the Videos of Sri Reddy Making Allegation on Top Heroes, Directors and Maa Association.

Maa Association

Abhi Ram

Shekar Kammula

Pawan Kalyan

Natural Star Nani

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