Tamannah Launches New B Mobile Store in Proddatur

Tamannah Launches New B Mobile Store in Proddatur

Tamannah Launches New B Mobile Store in Proddatur: 

tamannah Bhatia Launches B store mobile in Proddatur

Tamannah Bhatia started the 53rd showroom of Beenu Mobiles on the local Myduku road on Saturday morning. Hundreds of fans came to see her on this occasion. Fans whispered, shouting about the films she was starring. Her self-styled self-sticks and auto-gifting fans filled with joy.

Tamanna stated that technical services need to be expanded not just to the towns but to the rural areas. She started speaking to the media after the launch of Bee New Mobiles Showroom. The use of technology has many advantages. She is proud to have such fans here. It was her good fortune to be an actress, and that’s why she has got so many fans.

B Mobiles Private Limited MD Widow Balaji Chowdhary said Rayalaseema districts are more likely to be interested in the show and that is why most of these showrooms are being set up. Showrooms have been set up in Adoni and Kadiuri areas and showrooms are on the scale of lakhs population.

At the end of the year, we have decided to set up a 100 showroom in Telangana and Rs 500 crore business in Navanandhra. Royal Residency Owner Raghava Reddi and Bee Mobiles staff participated in the event.

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