This Young Actress Escaped from Death | Ananya Pandey Survives

This Young Actress Escaped from Death

The Student OF Year 2 Actress Ananya passed to edge of life and Survives Luckily at the Last Movement. The Actress was in a Shoot Even though there are plenty of precautions taken in the shoot ended with an Accident. Ananya who seemed to drive car exceeding the speed who almost lost control over the Vehicle has hit the nearby tree, The Vehicle Front Portion is damaged Completely.

The Movie unit was Scared to the instinct that had taken place even after taking perfect measures. They Hold their breath for a Movement and rushed her to the nearby hospital. Luckily Ananya had survived from Accident.

Her Parents in a press meet said that she will work for the movie when she recovers. Tiger Shroff is playing the protagonist role in this movie.




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